Architectural Design of SOA Solutions

 Architectural Design of SOA Solutions
Exam Code : 000-667 Exam Name : Architectural Design of SOA SolutionsQUESTION NO: 1 A retail catalog companys printing and mailing expenses are growing much more rapidly than revenue. Each time they update their database, they ship more catalogs and customers call in with more corrections. Which evaluation and recommendation should the SOA Designer make? A. Data quality is low. Master data management should be installed to cleanse and maintain data quality both from data sources and updates from the call center. B. Third party mail lists are inconsistent. Use process modeling to identify when multiple records are created and how multiple catalogs get printed. Then use process simulation to optimize new processes. C. Processes do not incorporate data cleansing. Create an information service that retrieves similar records and displays them in a portlet, so operators can see multiple records and work with the customer to eliminate them. D. Data entry is a very common source of error and customers are often inconsistent as well. Operator generated updates should be re-implemented to the indirect exposure solution pattern to separate data entry from record update permitting a data cleansing step in the update processes. Answer: A Explanation: QUESTION NO: 2 A company wants to integrate a number of existing best-of-breed applications by implementing service facades and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The initial scenario involves the transfer of order information between a number of these backend services depending on business rules. An SOA Designer is asked to capture the functional requirements. What is the most appropriate starting point? A. Analysis of the information requirements of the existing applications B. Investigation into appropriate industry standards for transferring data C. Creation of use cases to understand what the services may be and how they interact D. Define the component model associated with the existing applications and specify the service interfaces Answer: C Explanation:QUESTION NO: 3 A government agency wants to ensure the selected patterns and code standards set down by their SOA governance body are adhered to. Which type of tool will support this? A. Code generation B. Parsing C. UML modeling D. Data modeling Answer: A Explanation: QUESTION NO: 4 A company has an existing message-based middleware solution that allows exchanging business information among several applications using a topic-based publish-subscribe integration pattern. As part of its SOA strategy, the company is now embarking on service-enabling the applications and wants to employ the publish-subscribe pattern using Web services technology. Which Web services specification best addresses this need? A. WS-Federation B. WS-Addressing C. WS-Notification D. WS-MetaDataExchange Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 5 Why is it necessary to enforce policies and monitor services within SOA Services Management? A. To insure data integrity and correlate business processes B. To trace transactions and diagnose problemsC. To collect key performance metrics D. To ensure service availability Answer: D Explanation: QUESTION NO: 6 What is the next step while architecting an SOA solution after documenting the business processes? A. Determine the operations required to realize each process. B. Select a business steward for each process and instruct the steward to identify re-usable services. C. Identify the services needed to realize each business process and group them into logical components. D. Identify core and non-core business components. Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 7 The SOA reference architecture identifies core services including Interaction, Process, Information, Partner, Access, and Infrastructure. What is one valid reason for excluding one or more of these services in an SOA? A. The application is predominantly middleware in nature, eliminating the need for presentation services. B. The consumer and the provider belong to different companies. C. The business sponsor has set budget constraints on solution architecture and the architectural components to be included have to be prioritized. D. The customer's internal politics make the specification too difficult. Answer: A Explanation:QUESTION NO: 8 A team is evaluating the maturity of a customer's solution architecture relative to the IBM SOA Foundation. It is discovered that the customer has invested heavily in an internally-developed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and that their ESB has functionality expected to be found in other SOA Foundation services, especially Process Services, Business Services, and Information Services. Which recommendation should be made? A. Continue development of the ESB because the architecture is generally compliant with the SOA Foundation. B. Stop development of the ESB because the architecture violates the principle of loose coupling among services. C. Continue using the ESB but begin a transition to a vendor-supported, standards-compliant ESB. D. Modify development priorities to shift Process Services functionality to other parts of the Solution Architecture. Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 9 A midsize city is experiencing rapid growth that requires extensive changes in city land use regulations. Under this pressure, many land use disputes are getting caught in endless interdepartmental exchanges to complete data collection using a variety of completion criteria. This is angering both citizens and land developers. Which approach to SOA is likely to have the greatest impact? A. Apply governance policies and procedures to control inter-departmental exchanges. B. Align the departments with a common end-to-end process with shared business services. C. Align the departments with a common data model and data access services to avoid confusion and duplication. D. Create citizens portals to provide a mechanism for citizens to more easily monitor and manage their role in the process. Answer: B Explanation:QUESTION NO: 10 A large airline has decided to use SOA as a means to reduce costs through the use of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) based infrastructure. The IT strategy group has purchased sophisticated messaging middleware and prototyped some services related to accessing passenger information. The airline needs to decide what to do next. Which recommendation should be made? A. Move the prototype to production to assess the impact on the enterprise architecture. B. Identify a governance method to define policies and procedures for sharing the ESB infrastructure. C. Align an SOA project with a business initiative and select high-value services through process analysis. D. Add a process server to the infrastructure to provide a means to use the passenger information services. Answer: C Explanation:

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