DB2 Content Manager V8.3

 DB2 Content Manager V8.3
Exam Code : 000-443 Exam Name : DB2 Content Manager V8.3QUESTION NO: 1 Which of the following best describes the contents of a worklist? A. Aworklist contains a list of tasks that a particular user needs to complete. B. Aworklist contains a list of work packages that can be filtered by notify state, suspend state, and owner. C. Aworklist consists of workbaskets, collections points, and processes. D. Aworklist contains a list of workbaskets, each of which contains a list of tasks that a particular user needs to complete. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 2 In order to delete a document routing definition, which of the following privileges is required? A. ClientDelete B. ItemDelete C. ItemDeletePart D. ClientDeleteBasePart Answer: B QUESTION NO: 3 To ease maintenance in configuring multiple customer environments (i.e., development, QA, Test), which of the following would be the best approach? A. Manually configure each environment. B. Replicate the data using the Content Managerreplication feature. C. Back up and restore one environment several times. D. Utilize the schema export/import feature of Content Manager. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 4 Which of the following is true regarding the use of the DB2 Content Manager API's and the importing and exporting of metadata via XML? A. The Visual Java Beans provide import and export methods for XML data. IBM 000-443: Practice Exam B. Only the Java API's provide the ability to import and export metadata through XML. C. The Java API's allow exporting of XML metadata, but only administration data. D. The C++ and Java API's provide ways to import and export metadata through XML. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 5 During installation, which of the following options must be configured to connect to an LDAP server and retrieve user names and groups into Content Manager? A. Base DN and group names B. Server name and group attributes C. Server name and Base DN D. Base DN and minimum number of records to retrieve Answer: C QUESTION NO: 6 A developer needs to prototype the integration of DB2 Content Manager with an existing application built on the Microsoft .NET framework. Which of the following related to the integration options is accurate? A. The developer will be able to connect directly to Content Manager from the .NET application. B. The developer must recompile the .NET application as a Visual C++ 6.0 application. C. The developer will need to rewrite the .NET application in Java. D. The developer will be able to connect to Content Manager but only through a Java proxy class. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 7 An administrator determines that system administration events are not being saved properly. Which of the following is a likely cause? A. The ICMSTSYSADMEVENTS table space is full. B. The ICMSTITEMEVENTS table is not in the correct schema. C. The administrator has specified that events be written to a log file instead of a database table. D. DB2 Content Manager does not store system administration events. IBM 000-443: Practice Exam Answer: A QUESTION NO: 8 Which of the following components must be installed to use the text search feature on the Library Server for an Oracle database? A. DB2 Net Search Extender B. Oracle Enterprise Manager C. Oracle Text D. DB2 Extreme Text Blade Answer: C QUESTION NO: 9 The DB2 Content Manager connector API query language is similar to which of the following? A. XPath B. Regular expressions C. SQL D. XQuery Answer: A QUESTION NO: 10 In a custom application, item type CustomerAddress contains the customer address, location map, delivery instructions, etc. CustomerAddress is related to many other item types such as PurchaseOrder, Invoice, DeliveryConfirmation, etc. If an item of CustomerAddress is deleted for any reason, corresponding items in PurchaseOrder, Invoice, and DeliveryConfirmation should also be deleted. Which of the following data modeling elements would facilitate this deletion? A. Folder B. Reference attribute C. Outbound link D. Child component Answer: B IBM 000-443: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 11 An insurance company wants to migrate images of insurance policies to an offsite resource manager. Which of the following is required to set up the migration policy? A. Specify a remote storage class as the only storage class in the migration policy. B. Specify the remote storage class as the final step in the migration policy. C. Ensure the step in the migration policy prior to the remote resource manager is a storage class of type Fixed Disk. D. Set the retention period for the item type to 'Forever'. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 12 While configuring an LDAP Server during installation, the 'Standard LDAP' option is selected as the LDAP server type for an LDAP server in which of the following sets of servers? A. Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory, Sun Java System Directory Server, and IBM Tivoli Directory Server B. IBM Tivoli Directory Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory, and Lotus Domino Directory Notes Address Book (NAB) C. IBM Tivoli Directory Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory, and Sun Java System Directory Server D. IBM Tivoli Directory Server, Lotus Domino Directory Notes Address Book (NAB), and Sun Java System Directory Server Answer: D QUESTION NO: 13 In a system with administrative domains enabled, which of the following objects can exist in more then one domain? A. Resource Managers B. User IDs C. Access Control Lists D. Collections Answer: C

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