DB2 9.7 Advanced DBA for LUW

 DB2 9.7 Advanced DBA for LUW
Exam Name : DB2 9.7 Advanced DBA for LUW Exam Code : 000-544QUESTION NO: 1 An employee is not able to connect to the PRODDB database using the correct user ID and password. The TCP/IP protocol is running normally; other remote clients are also having problems connecting to this database. Which two could be the cause of the problem? (Choose two.) A. The DB2COMM environment variable at the server is not set to TCPIP. B. The DB2 Administration Server is not started. C. The port number is not assigned in the server's services file. D. The client's authentication type is not compatible with the server. E. The server node and/or database are not cataloged correctly on the client. Answer: A,E QUESTION NO: 2 CORRECT TEXT While attempting to establish connectivity between a Windows client and a UNIX server, the following commands were issued from the Windows client: CATALOG TCPIP NODE node001 REMOTE hostnm01 SERVER 50000; CATALOG DATABASE samp001 AS samp001 AT NODE node001; TERMINATE; When trying to connect to the SAMP001 database the following error was received: SQL30061N The database alias or database name name was not found at the remote node. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 3 A DBA has established connectivity to a DB2 for z/OS database and is exploiting a System z sysplex for load balancing and fault-tolerance. Which series of statements and commands can be issued to ensure that agents remain allocated to help maintain the sysplex server list? A. UPDATE DBM CFG USING NUM_INITAGENTS 200; db2stop; db2start; B. UPDATE DBM CFG USING NUM_INITAGENTS 0; db2stop; db2start; C. UPDATE DBM CFG USING NUM_POOLAGENTS 200; db2stop; db2start; IBM 000-544: Practice Exam D. UPDATE DBM CFG USING NUM_POOLAGENTS 0; db2stop; db2start; Answer: C QUESTION NO: 4 Table T1 was created by executing the following statement: Immediately after creation, table T1 was populated with 10 rows. Later, user USER1 ran an application that inserted 100,000 rows into table T1. The following query is frequently ran against the T1 table: SELECT deptno, empno, deptname FROM t1 WHERE deptno = 'EN' AND empno = '123' Assuming current statics exist for the table and index, which index will provide optimal performance for this query? A. CREATE INDEX idx1 ON t1 (deptno, empno) INCLUDE (deptname) B. CREATE INDEX idx1 ON t1 (deptno, empno) C. CREATE INDEX idx1 ON t1 (deptno) INCLUDE (empno) D. CREATE INDEX idx1 ON t1 (deptno) Answer: B QUESTION NO: 5 Given INTRA_PARALLEL is OFF, average row length is 900 bytes, and temporary table cardinality is 1000, which setting would prevent a SORTHEAP overflow when the temporary table is sorted? A. SORTHEAPTHRES 10000K, SORTHEAP 250K B. SORTHEAPTHRES 10000K C. SORTHEAP AUTOMATIC, SHEAPTHRES 10000K D. SORTHEAP AUTOMATIC, SHEAPTHRES 0 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 6 Setting the DB2_FMP_COMM_HEAPSZ=0 will result in which the following? A. User-defined function calls will be disabled. B. In a partitioned environment, infinite communications will be enabled between partitions. C. In a partitioned environment, communications will not be buffered. D. Non-fenced routines can beinvoked, however automatic database maintenance will be disabled. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 7 Your UNIX system administrator has indicated that there appears to be a lot of I/O wait time associated with your database, which is stored in a 7+p RAID array. An investigation reveals the following information: DB2_PARALLEL_IO=* Tablespace with ID 7 has a single container and is dedicated to the largest table. It has a page size of 16K, an extent size of 32, and a prefetch size of 64. Which setting would optimize I/O for the largest table? A. DB2_PARALLEL_IO=7:64 B. DB2_PARALLEL_IO=7:7 C. DB2_PARALLEL_IO=7:16 D. DB2_PARALLEL_IO=7:32 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 8 Which command CANNOT be used to explicitly build a compression dictionary for a table? A. REORG B. LOAD C. INSPECT D. IMPORT Answer: D QUESTION NO: 9 What determines the degree of inter-partition parallelism used? A. The number of database partitions and the definition of partition groups. B. The number of database connections and the definition of partitions groups. C. The value of the INTER_PARALLEL Database Managerconfiguration parameter. D. The value of the DFT_DEGREE database configuration parameter. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 10 Which statement about compression and temporary tables is NOT correct? A. When executing queries that require temporary tables, DB2 considers the storage savings and the impact to query performance to determine whether compression is worthwhile. B. Compression is only applied to created temporary tables that were defined with the CREATE TEMPORARYTABLE ?COMPRESS YES statement. C. The minimum size that a table must be before compression is used is larger for temporary tables than for regular tables. D. The explain facility and the db2pd utility can be used to determine whether a temporary table has been compressed. Answer: B

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