Networking Fundamentals

 Networking Fundamentals
Exam Code : 98-366 Exam Name : Networking FundamentalsOne advantage of dynamic routing is that it: A. Automatically maintains routing tables. B. Limits traffic derived from routing protocols. C. Reduces broadcast traffic. D. Automatically enables DHCP. Answer: A Which of the following represents a Media Access Control (MAC) address? A. GV:ZC:KK:DK:FZ:CA B. C. 05:35:AB:6E:Al:25 D. Answer: C Connecting to a private network address from a public network requires: A. Network address translation (NAT). B. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). C. Network Access Protection (NAP). D. Dynamic domain name system (DDNS). Answer: A A network device that associates a Media Access Control (MAC) address with a port is a: A. DSL modem B. Hub C. Router D. Switch Answer: D A Layer 2 device that connects multiple computers within a network is a: A. Repeater B. Switch C. Router D. Packet Answer: B A cable that meets the l000BaseT standard has a maximum length of: A. 100 m B. 250 m C. 500 m D. 1,000 m Answer: A A router's static route is set by the: A. Adjacent network B. Next upstream router C. Network administrator D. Routing protocol Answer: C Which setting is used to determine the Domain Name System (DNS) settings on a client computer? A. TELNET B. NSLOOKUP C. PATHPING D. NETSTAT Answer: B The default subnet mask for a Class B network is: A. B. C. D. Answer: D The default port used for SMTP is: A. 23 B. 25 C. 80 D. 8080 Answer: B The ping tool is used to: (Choose two.) A. Determine the network portion of a host address. B. Self-test a host's own network interface. C. Determine whether a host is reachable. D. Manage a host's session when UDP is used. Answer: B,C Which of the following are features of DHCP? (Choose two.) A. IP address resolution to canonical names B. Secure shell connections C. Address reservation D. Network file transfer E. IP address exclusion Answer: C,E The command-line tool used to list a host's active incoming connections is: A. NETSTAT B. IPCONFIG C. NSLOOKUP D. PING Answer: A A computer that has an IP address of cannot access the network. Which of the following services should you confirm is available? A. WINS B. DNS C. DHCP D. TFTP Answer: C Which network does the IP address belong to? A. B. C. D. Answer: A Which subnet mask is valid? A. B. C. D. Answer: A A service that resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses is: A. Domain Name Service (DNS). B. Internet Service Provider (ISP). C. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP). D. Windows Internet Name Service (WINS). Answer: D What type of DNS record maps host names to addresses? A. Mail Exchanger (MX) DNS record B. Service (SRV) DNS record C. Host (A) DNS record D. Canonical (CNAME) DNS record Answer: C

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