Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 6.3V1 Exam

Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 6.3V1 Exam
Exam code : PEGACBAV6.3 Exam name : Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 6.3V1 ExamWhich of the following phases are defined in the Pegasystems Implementation Methodology? (Choose two.) A. Development B. Inception C. Elaboration-Construction D. Requirement Answer: B,C Select two statements that are true of Atomic Use Cases? (Choose two.) A. They are defined for each work type and are small and granular B. They are owned by multiple actors C. They change ownership-during processing D. They correspond to flow actions, flows, screen flows, harnesses, or activities Answer: A,D Which two statements are true about work covers and covered work objects? (Choose three.) A. A covered work object can belong to many work folders B. Work covers can be nested within other work objects C. Work covers can become a parent to one or more related work objects D. Work covers can be resolved automatically when all covered work objects belonging to that cover are resolved Answer: A,C,D Which of the following stages are defined in the Pegasystems Implementation Methodology? (Choose two.) A. Development B. Inception C. Elaboration-Construction D. Requirements Gathering Answer: C,D Which of the following statements is true regarding folders? (Choose two.) A. Folders offer coordinated processing B. A work object may be the parent of a Folder C. When a folder is opened, a clipboard page named pyWorkFolder is created D. Folders inherit from Work-Folder- class Answer: A,D How is Case Management defined in PRPC? A. A work object reporting tool accessible through the manager portal B. A category of reports which perform Business Activity Monitoring within PRPC C. The different ways work can be organized within PRPC to support different types of work object processing D. A menu item under the Tools menu which reports on selected criteria for work objects Answer: C Which of the following flow shapes are valid alternatives to implementing cover processing? (Choose two.) A. Split-Join B. Split-ForEach C. Assignment D. Ticket Answer: A,B PRPC best practices dictate that when the number of covered objects under a work cover exceeds a certain number, a folder should be considered to manage this collection. What is the number? A. 5 B. 10 C. 20 D. 50 Answer: C Which types of relationships can a work cover and its covered items have? (Choose two.) A. One-to-One B. One-to-Many C. Many-to-One D. Many-to-Many Answer: A,B Split-Join shapes are used to split a single work object into multiple work objects and execute parallel flows on each new work object. A. True B. False Answer: B

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