SDM Certification - NI

SDM Certification - NI
Exam code : SDM_2002001050 Exam name : SDM Certification - NIDuring the bidding phase, what type of support can be provided by the PPM (Project Procurement Manager)? A. Ensure cost efficient, qualified and compliant 3rd party solutions for the customer project. B. None. PPM is responsible for negotiating the 3rd party contracts after the deal with the customer is closed. C. Prepare training plans to develop 3rd Party competence level. D. Proactively develop the supply chain for required materials. Answer: A Which statement describes BEST the purpose of a project management plan ? A. The project management plan defines in detail how the project is going to deliver the contracted scope. B. The project management plan nominates the Project Manager and describes the Scope of Work. C. The project management plan documents the handover from sales to execution. D. The project management plan is used to get management approval for project execution. Answer: A When can the project management plan be modified? A. Up to the start of project execution, from then on the project management plan must be frozen as a baseline for future reference. B. In case the scope of work has changed. C. Over time during the project as it has at any time to reflect the latest status of the agreed practices, processes and responsibilities. D. When the PM receives the handover from Sales do Delivery. Answer: C When must a Change Management process be initiated? A. When there is a significant change in the scope of the project. B. When the Customer sends a formal request for additional Scope of Work. C. When the CT Head acknowledges that the customer will accept to negotiate the changes in the scope of the contract. D. Whenever the project execution requires services or materials different from those agreed in the contractual scope of work. Answer: D How should integration engineer resources be planned for the RA network integration? A. Include an estimation of local resources in the project headcount. B. Prepare an RFQ for external suppliers with the support of Procurement. C. Include the input from GNIC into your service cost estimation. D. Communicate the need of integration engineers for your project during the MRM (Monthly Resource Meeting). Answer: C What would be the preferred course of actions when you find out that the project Gross Margin is showing a lower figure in PRS(Profitability Reporting System) than what you expected? A. Escalate the problem to the CT Head. B. Request the CPM to prepare a detailed presentation about project costs. C. Invite the CPM and Project F&C to identify the deviations and review if cost and revenue have been correctly reported in PRS according to the Demand Plan assumptions and Project Cost calculations. D. Start a cost reduction plan and reduce headcount. Answer: C How would you handle performance problems related to RAN frequency planning in a project where customer is responsible for Network Planning? A. Request NPO resources to your project and start troubleshooting. B. Do nothing, the performance problems are customer's responsibility in this case. C. Request implementation teams to go to the field, make test calls and help the customer to identify where the problem is most critical. D. Request an NSN NPO Solution Consultant to meet the customer for evaluating a potential up selling opportunity. Answer: D What are the correct planning horizons for short-term and long-term resource planning? A. Short-term: 2 weeks, long-term: 6 months B. Short-term: 4 weeks, long-term: 8 months C. Short-term: 8 weeks, long-term: 13 months D. Short-term: 12 weeks, long-term: 12 months Answer: C What is the basic source of information for the development of the Quality Plan? A. Project quality and acceptance requirements stated in the current customer contract. B. Equipment installation manuals. C. Templates from NSN PM Compass. D. Experience from previous projects executed with the same Customer. Answer: A Who must receive the Project Plan and it's updates during the execution phase? A. The project team. B. The project team and the customer. C. The project team and other project stakeholders inside NSN like CT Head and Account Manager for example. D. The customer only. Answer: C What are examples of relevant inputs to Project Plan preparation? A. PMBok. B. Customer RFQ and Customer Implementation Requirements (priority, site specifications), besides the sub plans that PM considers relevant. C. Cost Plan, Schedule and Quality Plan. D. All inputs defined in the NSN Project Plan Template. Answer: B To improve our competences we can use three different learning methods: Training on the job, learning from others, Formal training/courses.How is the recommended split in NSN? A. Training on the job 50%, learning from others 10% and formal training/courses 40%. B. Training on the job 10%, learning from others 20% and formal training/courses 70%. C. Training on the job 20%, learning from others 70% and formal training/courses 10%. D. Training on the job 70%, learning from others 20% and formal training/courses 10%. Answer: D Which inputs are needed when doing the service demand plan update for a project? A. Project organisation chart, rollout schedule and WBS code. B. Line organisation chart, needed number of people and needed time frames. C. Rollout schedule, needed number of people, needed skills and needed time frames. D. Material list, rollout schedule and needed time frames. Answer: C Which of the following activities is NOT part of the PM tasks? A. Organize and carry out team building activities. B. Providing project related performance feedback to the whole project team. C. Nominating individuals for awards (where appropriate). D. Carrying out ATP reviews with the project members. Answer: D Which are the five competence levels used in NSN? A. - beginner - basic - intermediate - advanced - world-class B. - initial - basic - intermediate - advanced - world-class C. - initial - basic - intermediate - professional - world-class D. - initial - basic - medium - advanced - world-class Answer: B

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